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You’ve reached your session limit for this wave of Registrations. Please unschedule an existing session if you’d like to add this one.

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Your ticket doesn’t have access to this session. Maybe you haven’t linked your Moogfest ticket to Sched? If not, please follow these instructions. Or it may be that you’re acessing a VIP Session. If you’d like to access VIP events you may get one here: Moogerfooger (VIP) or  Engineer. (Current Engineer tickets, note you will be getting an email from our VIP Concierge to work with you to manually schedule your Engineer workshops).

You can't remove this because it started or is about to start.

You can't add this because it's full.
The session you’ve added to your schedule is full. You’ve been added to its "waitlist" so that it can appear in your schedule. When you show up for this session you will be let in on a first come, first served basis after attendees with confirmed Registrations. Attendees with confirmed Registrations must arrive at least 15 minutes before their reservation, or their spot will be forfeited 5 minutes before the session to the next person in the waitlist line until capacity is reached.
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Personal schedules are now frozen and no further changes are possible.